Jammu, Ladakh have chance to teach lesson to BJP: Cong

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU,  July 11: After the BJP’s candid admission of its failure to carryout development of Jammu region, the same story from Ladakh about total neglect and lack of development during the PDP-BJP regime has exposed the false claims of State BJP leaders about the developmental achievements in Jammu and Ladakh region.
Commenting on the reports about the grievance of the people of Ladakh about neglect and discrimination with region during PDP-BJP regime, PCC  chief spokesperson  Ravinder Sharma said that it has been established beyond doubt that BJP has utterly failed to  deliver on any front in the state and all its tall claims on various fronts have fallen flat. Both the Centre and State Government have utterly failed on all fronts especially on dealing with security situation and maintaining normalcy, carrying out equitable development and that the feeling of neglect and discrimination in Jammu region and Ladakh further increased and more particularly it failed to represent the urges and aspirations of people of Jammu and Ladakh, for which BJP leaders would always claim themselves as the only champions of the cause. The balloon of BJP’s falsehood has burst and it stands badly exposed for the misdeeds, utter failures and total lust for power of BJP leaders.
The people of Jammu and Ladakh region have a chance to teach a lesson to the  BJP and its power hungry  and highly arrogant leaders, for their betrayal with the people. The people would show them  their right place in  the forthcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, he maintained.