Jambu Zoo

The Jambu Zoo which is currently a major developmental work undertaken by the Forest Ministry of J&K has been hailed by all sections of the society as the one of its kind without actually looking into the adverse consequences of it on the environment. We, as Indians, are always devoted for the cause of environment and ecosystem. We are governed by the principle of “Pratayekashvasa Paritoshikmasti”. How could one overtly neglect the serious environmental destruction that has occured due to its construction?
These lower slopes of Shiwalik Hills were once the abode of lush green forests through which the serpentine Jammu Srinagar NH used to pass, now are barren stretches.Even after thousands of crores of Developmental plans, nothing was put out for ecological restoration. Even if the fund was there, it was a mere cog in the wheel. I will not beat around the bush and clearly reiterate that the rampant Politico-Mafia nexus have unflinchingly led to deforestation, illegal sand mining etc which has clearly destroyed the natural vegetation of the region. Under the garb of development, we have seriously heckled with the nature for which we must prepare to answer our future generations.
I’m amazed that why this issue hasn’t rattled the nerves of any conscientious citizen. Have we become so insensitive towards our Mother Earth that her inexorable destruction gives no pain to us? People who create hulabaloo over minor trivial issues have turned taciturn. The civil society and the public should come forward on this issue given the fact that environment is for all of us and fortunately, nature never discriminates.
Yours etc…
Ansh Chowdhari
Delhi University