Jagdeep Dubey’s Dangar: a sensitive portrayal of problems of people living on borders

A scene from the play ‘Dangar’ staged on Tuesday. —Excelsior/Rakesh
A scene from the play ‘Dangar’ staged on Tuesday. —Excelsior/Rakesh

Lalit Gupta

JAMMU, Mar 13: Jagdeep Dubey’s Dogri play ‘Dangar’, for its sensitive portrayal of the day to day problems faced by people living on borders, came out as one of the successful Dogri play scripts of contemporary relevance in recent times.
Presented by Dogri Sahitya Mandal, Ramnagar, and directed by Jagdeep Dubey, the play was performed as the second play of the ongoing theatre festival organized by Sangam Theatre, Group, Reasi, at the Abhinav Theatre, here today.
The plot of the ostensibly revolving around one Barfo Ram, whose cattle have crossed over to the other side of the border, raises the existentialist issue as for how the borders have not only divided the land but also created a divide amongst the people on both sides. The play also takes a dig at the politicians and media who exploit the gullible masses for their own ends.
The engaging realism of the amateur actors who not only successfully delivered the dialogues marked with Dogri maxims, idioms, and one-liners but as the same spread the fragrance of chaste Dogri accent typical of the Ramnagar area.
Vipan Upadhaya as Barfo Ram,  with excellent control over pitch and tone and rendering of emotions, supported body posture and movements gave a masterly performance as an innocent villager who while heart-stricken due to the loss of his dear cow, does not abandon his belief in brotherhood and amity.
Other actors who gave notable performances included Raj Kumar as Neta, Ved Medhotra as Munshi, Ashutosh Prashar as Noor Ali, Rajani Khajuria as Pakhru, and Rajesh Dubey as Chiru and Jagdeep Dubey.
Prominent among the guests were  R. S. Pathania, MLA, Prof Lalit Magotra, Prakash Premi and Arvinder Singh Aman, Additional Secretary, J&K Cultural Academy. The program was conducted by Sapna Soni.
Tomorrow, the Greek play Oedipus Rex will be presented by Samooh Theatre group.