Irregularities in Planning Deptt

Another Government agency that has come under scanner of public scrutiny is the Directorate of Economics and Statistics which is actually a wing of the Planning Commission. Glaring irregularities have been reported about this department in making appointments and promotions of functionaries. It is said that a number of appointments or promotions have been made from time to time without verifying the whether the incumbents have the requisite qualifications and experience and length of service for promotion. Several complaints have come to the notice of superior authorities in which it is said that blue eyed boys in the department have been shown out of way favours both in the matter of appointment and promotions. The rules for appointment and promotion have been thrown to wind. In this way injustice has been done to the deserving candidates. Owing to the fact that some people have strong political cloud they are able to run away with favours that they do not at all deserve.
The practice has been going on since 2000 and the regimes never made it public because the concerned authorities wanted to satisfy their favourites. It was only when the Finance Department came to know about it while conducting survey of accounts and thus the lid was taken off the pot. The question is that why Governments shield the irregularities and illegalities? It is the bane of the democratic Government because the politicians want to make space for themselves, carve their constituencies and thus hoodwink the people who are deliberately kept ignorant of the underhand means which they employ to see that their favourites are indicated into Government service. This is not irregularity but a question of corruption or bribery or nepotism. It should be enquired into and the facts brought to surface for future guidance of the authorities.