Conqueror in a pretty dress 

Don’t let my smile or frame deceive you,
I know who I am, I know what I can do,
Behold vast wings beyond my hair’s caress,
You wonder why you’re angry & confused, I must confess,
I am a conqueror and I wear a pretty dress.
Boiling blood of beasts, the appetite of savages,
Eyes lining my skin, I hear the rattling of cages,
Yet I drink to my freedom, I savour my bliss,
I am ready, they will fear my fearlessness,
I am a conqueror and I wear a pretty dress.
My love undefined, my taste unrefined,
My gaze undemure,
my yearning perilously pure,
No contrived clocks, no fate under duress,
In bed or battlefield,
I seek only my heart’s excess,
I am a conqueror and I wear a pretty dress.
No idle faith in my fragile veins,
Strength and beauty are not my bane,
Even as I bleed, I don’t walk on my knees,
I only forge empires above their simple heads,
I am a conqueror and I wear a pretty dress.
Scarred and reborn every day,
Silent, powerful by my will, my way,
My spirit considered alien,
but no more than human,
As I transcend your mind,
you can only witness,
I am a conqueror and I wear a pretty dress.

Ayushman Jamwal


My mother land, demarcated by nature
a beautiful piece of land,
A rare brand.
Towards the west is Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Towards the north is Nepal,
China and Bhutan,
Towards the east is Myanmar and Bangladesh,
One side is Bay of Bengal,
other side is Arabian sea.
Away to the south is ocean,
The Indian ocean.
The Indian ocean,
It is a major world Sea route,
Connects East with West,
Lot of Profit,
See route brought,
Runs not into millions, but into trillions,
Spent on welfare of teeming millions,
Rich in minerals wealth,
Which is a great resource,
Indians are a martial race,
A great force,

Col Parmjit Singh (Retd.)
Sainik Colony


“Is God around us
Is he external
Can he feel for me
when he is outside of me?
That answers it.
No He is not around us?
No He is not an outsider
He is within us.
Deep inside us
One with us.
Because when we close our eyes
And shut out the world
When we shut out the din
And hear that inner voice
It is HIM
It is home coming.”

Nidhi Gupta
Sarwal Jammu


Woman is the God’s best creation
in which a lot of care is mentioned….
She can be-A Man
and can make anything ban…
She is full of love
and can bring peace like a Dove…
To say her-weak
is to take her to the peak…
She is full of motherhood
and can make any kind of food…
She cares a lot
but never dares a Dot…
If she takes up a pen
then their is nothing
powerful than woman

Aastha Pandita
Vishwa Bharti Hr. School
Akalpur, Jammu