inner voice

The Star of Midnight

When the moon had hidden itself in black,
And someone had lighten darkest of lamp,
When the ghosts walk on the streets and cry for justice,
And the beast roams in barren in
search of fleshes,
I saw a star in the western sky.
All alone, still up and high.
Like the star that guided the
wise men to Jesus,
It was there once again as a
hope of freedom,
With its shine sparkling my eyes,
Perhaps a sweet angel passing by,
In the devil dark it was a holy white,
As beautiful as goddess Aphrodite
With the flickering light it
smiled like a child,
In the worldly hell it was breeze,
calm and chilled.
May be it was the soul of a brave,
Whose war was unfinished
but body in a grave.
Who was fighting his last against
the darkest of sky.
All alone, still up and high.
I do not know what the outcome was,
Was he shattered in his final fight?
But the songs of the trees tell other story,
For I had witnessed the star of mid-night
Jagandeep Singh
Student of K.V. No.1


Look at the nature’s beauty, It means,
I love big trees and lovely streams.
Look at the mountains, so talk and high,
I love to see the birds flying in the sky.
Look at the sun,so round and gay,
I love to enjoy the sunny day.
Look at the twinkling stars at night,
I love the moon so cool and bright..
Look at the meadows lush, green and broad,
I love the cattle grazing in the grass.
Look at the dew drops on the flowers,
I love them as they are like crystals of glass.
Look at the sea, calm and quiet,
I love watching it with low and high tide.
Look at the animals roaming around,
I love them because they are not bound.
Look Stare and embrace as it preaches to love and live…
Bipasha Raina

wonder  this change

Hit by the night
Worked during the day
Swollen eyes,depressed mind
Caught between living and dying
She was on the floor
Half naked; you know.
A belts’ reflection in her eyes
A muffled scream in her resides
She can’t speak,you know.
She breathed the fear in that cage
Trembled by the tap on the ground she hear
On the bed, her baby was lying and crying.
And she was trapped in listening
and questioning herself
Should I live or die? Pity we feel
But she got up, you know
As she has become a mother in her 18.
Feed her baby with tears in her eyes
Was it a hope to live or an
escape from dying?
Tell me the thing which forced her to live
To give a life to another life
Or the fear of the her baby in
other hands to live?
Was it insecurity or that mother bond
she develops within
But they saw it as her greed, call her mean
And wished she would have died
But it is the strength she collected; you know
She faced her vulnerability with that
surging motherhood inside
She lifted with courage and questioned
them with her her eyes.
She didn’t remain the same,you know
And that was the moment they realised
her power
Which they try to silence.
You know she called it a play her destiny played.
Like it wanted her to fight and change her fate
For she had the gut not to be ashamed
She comes out like a fire for all
the woman,  you know
And now she can’t take her
steps back she knows.
For she has set a wonder example as a wonder mother and a wonder woman before all..
Arushi Sharma