Inner Voice


I am a clock
Look at my hard work
I can melt even a rock
Moving from 0 degree to 360 degree
I never stop
Sun salutes me
Because my three hands
Control even a particle of a sand
I never wait
Because I hate
Who are late
I never count seven or eleven
Because I control even the heaven
Whosoever wastes me
He never faces
The success
I can give fame
To those
Who can play a game
With my name.
Look at my hard work
I am a clock
I can lock
The world within a shock.

Shubraj Salgotra
Barnai (Jammu)


Hate is immortal, it never dies,
It never lies, it is a demon,
And makes a human a selfish
and a bad man.
If there is God, there is devil,
If there is right, there is wrong,
If someone is happy, someone is sad.
Hate will rule, all innocent fools,
It will conquer, it will clash.
One day, the hidden hate,
will come in front,
And will create blood flood.
It will always remain alive, in our mind,
It makes us stronger, in our life, it make us go longer and longer,
One day it will end, and makes us a fly, and then we are going to die.
It travels from one to other; it will make us climb the life ladder,
But one day the hate will fall, and will be unable to crawl.

Akshit Singh
K.V. Bantalab,


Life is not a stagnation,
It is a perpetuating motion.
So whenever you find it still,
Just gather all your courage and will.
No matter what troubles
come in your life,
Trust me, one day they all will go away
But it is the only the will,
That lets you to climb the hill.
Remember one day you,
Yes, only you, and you will be
the person with quality,
And only then you will not
respond to gravity.
That day you will touch the sky.

Sahida Akhtar
GCW Gandhinagar


Across failure is success arena,
Motivation towards success is success pererna,
Across failure is the success ocean,
Think beyond failure frontier,
is the right motion,
Think right, success is available
without commotion
Be positive convert demotion into promotion,
Generate energy within, is the right motion,
Success is like a magnificent body lotion,
Failure spread no scent
Come out of failure, success is the right crescent,
Failure no, success yes,
Failure never, success for ever,
Failure no, to success say yes,
Then only God will bless,
Say to failure, you must go,
Say to success come, shine and glow,
Say, failure you may leave
To achieve success, I always believe

Col. Paramjit Singh (Retd.)
Sainik Colony