inner voice

Hold On Little Longer


The time is again deceiving my eyes
It says the unsaid words with hidden lies
Believe me or not
It brings no more cakes or the sweet pies
It turns the wind away from the city
Letting it burn and the
ashes bowing gravity
It’s not a bloody shot
The whole scenario turns out bad that once was pretty
The endless war is going on everywhere
There remains few those who care
Trust is merely a myth
When you are left all
alone to die in nowhere
The few last breaths
you crave to live more
Those last moments you want to soar
It is not the end
It may give you a chance to open the closed door
It gets harsh on you for a more while
Don’t surrender when
the time is to walk a mile
Hold on little longer
The time is a tough deal to
get even single smile.
– Anil Rajgotra
B.Tech 3rd year ,
NIT Srinagar




Bridges connect us one to the other
making communication easier,
expressive, swift, and more direct
than if the bridge was not there.
When we say, “bridge the gap”
differences transform to smaller.
“Bridge over trouble waters”
sings of friendship, or Jesus.
I am the bridge to my inner soul.
My inner voice speaks of me,
telling me to listen to my soul
longings, dreams, and wishes.
Each has a choice bridging.
connecting to their  inner soul,
embracing  their inner voice
and inner self through love.
Will you bridge the gap and
listen to your inner voice today?
Will you connect with your
inner soul and dreams today?
Nidhi Gupta
Sarwal Jammu



They are like the soul of living
They are the reason for believing
If I am a star , they are the legend
If I am a drop , they are the rain
If I am here its because of them
Everything that I need they have send
They are the keys to all my locks
Necessary functions all they perform.
Of course!
They refer to my parents
Parents as the soul of mine
Parents as the star of my life
They are the one whom I’ll believe
From my cradle,till I’m buried
I want them to be with me always
In the future, present and past again.
K.V Bantalab,