Inner Voice

It’s Valentine

It’s new year it’s new time,
Let’s spend together new Valentine…!!!
It’s a new day it’s new rhyme!
Let’s spend together it’s Valentine…!!!
Everybody out there celebrating the same…
Dancing together in heavenly rain…!!!
Owls are howling, toads are crocking and make me remind. ..
Let’s spend together
new Valentine. ..!!!
You are special for me no
matter how far I am,
I can do any thing, I can…
Dance together, sing together, act like drinking wine…!!!
Let’s spend together new Valentine…!!!
My love for you is forever…
I never let you go never, ever…
Everything’s gonna fine…
Let’s spend together it’s Valentine. ..!!!
We are not close today…
Doesn’t matter we make our way!
This is a day, this is a time…
Let’s spend together it’s Valentine…!!!

Dr. Sukhjinder Singh Jasrotia

Dear Nanu! 

They asked me who is your nanu?
I said ,he is the one with a golden heart and a diamond face.
They asked me how is your nanu?
I said,he is always fine with his 42- year old heart problem.
They asked me what does your nanu do?
I said, just doing a small work of imparting knowledge to the world.
They asked me, where is your nanu?
I said,he just entered the heaven!

Sanober Ali


Is the anguish filled cry
while your pierce
thro’ night
and keep me awake.
Doesn’t moon
caress you,
or if
“the amabsya” plays
some bluff,
likethe filthy, colonial exhaust
entering the nerves.
Tell me,
don’t feel alone,
am as restless
as you
on the rough bed
of thoughts…
O my beloved
river Chenab

Tilak Raj Mengi


Faith is the ray of hope
Faith is the sunshine
It gives one a reason
To always recline
Faith is like water
In the life “desert”
It always motivates
Every human to exert
Whatever may be the trouble
Whatever may be the loss
No matter what has happened
Faith gives life a toss
Faith is to be retained
At each and every moment
It’s through this armour
Every win is ascertained

Anu Gupta