inner voice

Panorama of Society

Don’t say anything harsh,
what you have said will be said back to you.
Nothing is as strong as gentleness
and nothing
is as gentle as real strength.
Speaking without thinking,
is shooting without aim because
if we are careful about our means,
the end will take care of it.
Just practise truth then you
need not practise any other virtue.
Your choices are your future goals
make them worth above all.
People are good as long as you stay cool.
Do what you can, with what you have and where you are.
This moment is yours, this journey is yours,
this world is yours and
what else do you need to prove
yourself above all.
Mehak Khajuria
Talab Tillo, Jammu

   Without you

Light and shade was there
When you were with me
Shade and darkness is here
When you left!
Faith and love was there
When you were with me
Doubt and suspicion is here
When you left!
Sanober Ali


O’ man shun the violence,
Since it is on its climax
Violence means flow of blood,
Only destruction, hate and no love
Violence leads to no solutions,
Other than creating chaos
and confusions
Humanity rejects violence,
Violence cannot keep the
humanity silent
Violence shall never prevail,
One day it itself shall derail,
Non violence was even Gandhi’s thought,
For which he throughout fought.
Violence means inhuman acts,
Beyond any reasons and facts.
Remember violence of any kind,
Is against humanity and the mankind
So, let us not keep silent
O’ man shun the violence
Bodh Raj Rao
Gurha Brahmana (Bantalab)


A place where I can touch the raindrops everytime.
A place where I can feel the vernal
breeze all the time.
..where the night sky is full of stars
and illuminated by moonlight.
…and I’ll get the freedom to
choose the road less travelled.
..where the roads will never
end and the journeys will continue.
…where I’ll be able to create my
vagabonding time.
…where an openness comes
in the way with richer pleasure.
..where the quest for spiritual truth
will be marked by celebration.
…where my truth will become the
reality of my life.
…where a desire for knowledge will
not be considered an act of rebellion.
…where  hopes will grow everyday.
…where life will be like a brief torch on which I’ll get hold on.
…where I’ll get the courage to
loose the grip on the certainities of world
..where uncertainities in life
will come with lessons.
…where I’ll be bestowed with greater riches called love and time.
…That place will be my Sistine Chape.
Anshika Mahajan
M.Sc Chemistry Student,
Jammu University