Inner Voice


Our teacher makes our future,
If there will be no teacher
Then we can’t get success in future.
When students shine,
Teachers get the feeling fine
Our teacher works for us like golden eyes,
We can fly like a bird in the sky
A teacher plays the role as a guide,
We can get the sky height
Our teacher makes our future,
A teacher is like a tree,
Who gives us lot of knowledge free.
A teacher is like a light,
Who helps us to find a good sight
Our teacher makes our future
Teacher to me is next to God,
Who helps me to fight all odds.
Their priceless wealth of knowledge is
There for all who wish to learn
Teacher tells us the right way,
The right time to work
And the right time to play.
As we know the teacher is a nation builder
But he always stands for us
Like the Ashoka Pillar
Keshav Sharma
APS Domana




I ain’t gonna beg u anymore
B’Cause you left me along the seashore.
My world got turned around and,
My feet were crying to touch the ground!
You kept choosing the beautiful cover,
Thinking of the luck!
And I was drowning deep in thoughts,
Thinking about where your mind got stuck.
May be you are beautiful as paradise and,
Every moment, I want to adore!
But this time, I have made my mind,
I ain’t gonna beg u anymore.
What began as an innocent attraction
Is about to become an obsession!
But that ain’t the right solution,
So I decided to control my agression.
Yeah I have problems,
Yeah I got issues!
And one of them is
How bad I need you!
Everytime inside my mind
You are going through!
I want you to feel what,
I really feel for you.
Pertikshan Pandhotra
GDC Kathuass




Thank you, my teacher, for giving
me knowledge,
At times when bud was dreary,
life became a challenge,
Thank you, my teacher, for lending an ear,
When no one seemed to care.
When I had thoughts, I can’t complete game,
You showered love on me like the rain,
You brought me joys untold
To fill my heart with moments of gold.
I would have felt isolated somewhere,
If you had not been there,
I lack the words to let you know
How much you mean to me, I bow.
I will profusely thank God for you,
until the eternity,
May the Tawi of love and care
flow in teaching fraternity.
Dr B.R. Parmar (Hansmukh)


Love is food, Food is love ..
Nibbles filled with pleasure and joy,
Immense love it shows to  my senses.
It wields a great deal of influence over my soul.
Food has never betrayed my trust.
And I am glad I am gifted with taste
buds to feel it.
Meal is a way to pare stress .. takes me away from world’s bickering.
Part of Lord’s therapeutic procedures.. to
keep his beings mollified and happy.
The abilities it carries to awaken my senses , lifts me up, from gloomy to bloomy ..
It’s like a foodtale ..  signifies
my plate of happiness .
Love is food, food is love .
Deepika Broca
Karan Nagar Jammu