inner voice



After you dad, your wife is like;
I sit alone now in the darkness of despair,
I cry my silent tears,
The loneliness surrounds me,
It takes my breath away,
I am nothing without you,
I love you, I miss you
After you dad, your elder daughter is like;
The loss of a father
Is a heavy burden to bear
The time we had you
Wasn’t nearly enough
After you dad, your son is like
A son remember his father’s words
His wisdom and his wit
There’s never a day the ever goes by,
When the son doesn’t find a use for it
After you dad, your grandchild is like,
My grandfather was a quite man,
But his silence could speak volumes,
In the years to come, I may not remember
Many of the words my grandpa spoke,
But their memories will stay in my heart
After you dad, your younger
daughter is like;
I wish I could have said goodbye,
that morning
When you left, I miss you dad,
I really miss you.
Roshni Arora (MBA)



The first rebuke for keeping quiet,
The first lesson on speaking up,
The first dream to soar high,
The first idea of flying high,
I got it from my mother!
The zeal for dancing in the rain,
The love for laughing without restrain,
The sass of humming through the
adversities of life,
The joy of relishing the tangy lemons
with a pinch of slat and spice,
I got it from my mother!
The determination to smile through the pain,
The desire to make this world a better place,
The strength to rise like a phoenix
from the ashes of despair,
And the crazy wish to spread
love laced with witty remarks,
I got it from my mother!
Nrityashree Deepak Dutta
Army Public School,
Miran Sahib

Follow your heart

“Follow your heart wherever it takes you,
and be happy
Life is brief and very fragile
and only loanded to us
for a while.
Wake up every morning
with the thought
that something wonderful
is about to happen.”
N D Kohli

Nature embraces us

Creatively constrained,
is nature’s art
Magnanimously confirmed,
is its creature’s heart.
The land rises very high,
It is nascent
Rivers watched with a sigh,
It will never end.
Stars are conflagrant gases,
the point of flares in the night sky.
Forest brims with bird-song,
a phantasm of clouds until they fly.
Sunshine is the sentient of happiness,
tumbling over the trees
Moonlight bulges loneliness,
sets the soul free
Sing with the birds
Move with the rivers
Let the tune of the cascade,
Chanted without fear.
Arushi Thakur
B. Tech Biotechnology