inner voice


There were days
When I felt like my life should just end
Because my existence wss pointless.
There were days
When nothing made sense
And I felt like no one understand the things
That were going on inside my head.
There were days
When I couldn’t get out of bed.
There were days
When I wondered
If I would ever have a home
There were days
When I did not know
If’d get another meal.
There were days
When I felt nothing
but anger towards everything and everyone
Because all the world ever
gave me was pain…
Ananya Gupta


I have gone far far away from you,
Severing all my relations with you,
I have no remorse for losing relations,
For, I am relieved from all your troubles,
Whatever thought of you, I cherished
I have all expelled it out of my heart,
Only the thought of God is residing in my heart.
I have washed all the impressions of your love
That I once owed to you.
It was my innocence, my immaturity
That I devoted my heart to you
I have encountered enough loss because of you
Peace, relief, contentment,
comfort, all  had left me
Now after snapping the ties,
I have regained all of them
I hav no fears regarding having you with me,
You are not worth giving heart to,
It is all my God, my Lord and my Beloved
To whom have I surrendered
with all of my hopes.
You were not for me
And I was not for you
Whatever existed the middle of us
Was all a hoax, a dream of nothingness
Miles away from you on my way to God,
Leaving behind ponemions, endured to you
Ashiq Hussain Rather


When efforts like dunes of sand
Are washed in the waves of chance.
When efforts are great and ambition grand
And success faces a mocking dance.
When Orchards of apples are cared well
With water, manure and spray all,
And hail for them is a warning bell,
That scaps them all in the days of fall.
When crops are raised with ceaseless toil,
When rainless weather or flooding rain
That washes crops along the soil,
Leaves the efforts to writhe in pain.
When success swells with false pride
Failures prove medicine
for a humble ride.
P.N. Peer