Inner Voice

4th of November…!!!

Today is a special day…
Bcz today is my b’day…!!!
I am waiting who will wish
I am watching who will miss…!!!
Today I wear new shoes and dress
Felling me like a totally fresh…!!!
I am very excited for this moment
Wanna to celebrate this happy event…!!!
Waiting for my friends in the mood of joy
But neither they came nor I enjoyed…!!!
Am I lucky or unlucky person
Bcz nobody celebrate this occasion…!!!
No hope of friends coming more…
In despair I finally closed the door…!!!
Dr. Sukhjinder Singh Jasrotia



Childhood for enjoyment
Childhood for playing
Why you want to crush their lives
Under your feet
Can’t you see they are small
They should only play with ball
They should now go to schools
And not fight for foods
Why you want to give them tears
Don’t they have their dreams
They are not for earning money
Don’t ruin their childhood
Sweet like honey
They polish people’s shoes on roadsides
They works as servants in your houses
They wash utensils in restaurants
Sometimes they are even
given hammers for constructions
How you can be so rude
Don’t you like kid’s happy childhood
Never give them hammer
Their life for pen and paper
And my dream is to stop child labor
Kazi Shegri
Bogdang Nubra


Darkness surrounds her world of stars,
Her mind was full of remote scars
The life she lived was a spiral of murkiness,
That she was capable of capturing
with her madness.
Her world looked dull for others who saw,
But it was an illusion of nightmare she draw
Her painting was colourful from
others to my surprise,
For her sight was a melody in disguise.
The impression she made
with the power of touch,
Were impactful than the Ajanta carvings
For she was a blend of X-rays
Formed by the mist of works and starvings.
The virtual world she lived in,
Full of fantasies and sparks
For others it was hypothetic,
And a concept so vast.
The world will be dead
the day she leaves,
Coz she was the creator of her
destined presence
For her soul will be lost as she heaves,
As life is all about this mighty essence !
Tripti Shukla


When the whole world turns its back on me,
it’d be you ,I’d find solace in.
When no one lends an ear to my woes,
you’d keep me high-spirited in life’s lows.
When I find nobody on my side,
your presence alone would make
me gloat with pride.
When the unlit sky glares at me from above,
you’d take me to your celestial abode.
When they’d turn their their eyes
away from me,
you’d be the one to whom I’ll plea.
When, with my heart full of piety, I’ll pray,
then, yes, then, My Lord, you’d take me away.
Bulbul Fakta