inner voice


Do you want to go to knowledge of pool?
So come on, let’s go to school
Maths questions are in brain to do how
But you think and think it will be wow!
Different teachers take different tests
And some children get the best
The teacher checks with pen
And writes ten out of ten
Our art teacher help us
to mould clay,
After that we play and play
We also sing a song
Some are short and some long
After all I love my school
Yes, it is the knowledge of pool
Bhavyaa Kohli
Presentation Convent
School, Jammu


Once upon a time,
When I was buying lime,
In a clumsy crowd,
Going round and round
A deserted scooter
was found,
A perfect dumb,
making no sound
All of a suidden, it thundered,
What happened all wondered,
Bodies split into molecules
A devil, troubled the spot,
Was a man without heart
Moti Lal Bhan,
Surya Vihar,
Bohri, Jammu


The days of revival
questioning my survival
Mind getting devasted
everything so short lasted
Glimpse of dusk of dreams
made my heart scream
My body pacemaker filled with blight
Oh God! Pray tell what is right
May a blight fall on you
for underestimating speaker (soul)
A divine spirit and
A path motivator
Rohit Sharma
B.Sc Sem. 5
GGM Science College


I was sleeping in the night,
Woke up, with a fright.
Something sitting on my chest,
A snake was having some rest.
Not in a position to yell,
Finally I heard the sound of knell.
Shining in the moon’s light,
Little yellow, almost white.
Death was just one step near,
Visible to me, and so clear.
I prayed for some miracle,
Because I failed to tackle.
And the miracle took place,
Sweat evaporated from my face
The snake moved and went away,
Because God listened to my prayers
I thanked God for His deed,
He was the only one whom I need
Abhinesh Sharma