inner voice

life-a teacher

When I fight,
I win and sometimes I fail,
When I fail, I don’t quit,
Every time I learn and experience new.
One more time I stand up and fight,
Again I fail but I don’t quit,
Again I learn and experience a new thing,
But I don’t quit.
Then, I stand up with all my experience and new learnings and again fight,
And I win.
Then I understand that’s life- My Teacher
It teaches me not to quit after failure, always fight until you win the battle.
That’s life- my teacher who teaches me to move on with all the learning and experience.
That’s Life – My Real Teacher
Jyothita Basson


Words of Wisdom


Held him for the first time
and he kept on crying…
But murmuring the nursery rhymes,
Made me to forget the crimes…
Yes, I’m blessed with a little cousin!
A sweet little curl on his lips
is like a rainbow with harmony of colours…
Hundreds of deliberations running in my mind,
Suddenly when he held a finger of mine…
“Hey! Don’t be like me”
said my inner voice, churning
the joy into dilemma;
“I am not an idea person, don’t absorb my vibes”
“Don’t be a great person rather
be a man of your words”
“Don’t let anyone ruin you and your life, be a man stand for yourself”
“It take days and months to make an art,
but a second  to add a black spot”
“Set your goals damn high,
hustle yourself day and night”
“Be the real you,
just don’t be an another!”
“That’s the words of wisdom,
from an old brother”
Aashish Sharma
12th B
APS Akhnoor


    All she deserved to die

Listened to every stone,
Listened to every feather,
From softest to hardest;
On destroying all heart feelings she had,
She listened to every one;
Yet she deserved to die!
Listened to every girl,
Listened to every boy,
From boyfriend to bestfriend;
On destroying all equal importance she gave,
She listened to everyone;
Yet she deserved to die!
Listened to family,
Listened to god,
From righty to mighty;
On destroying her own listenings,
She listened to everyone;
Yet she deserved to die!
Sanober Ali

The Yellow Ride

The sun is bidding a goodbye
To the beautiful looking sky
And we are on our way
Far away
As set on the road to the extreme high
The time is beautiful of all
The floating shining ball
In the air
Just fly high , It’s the unforgettable call
I can see clouds dancing so wide
They can’t fall from there , so light
The time is so magical
At such an amazing height
It’s great to be a bird
Going miles up , once I heard
You will embrace it
The color so clear , not even blurred
The life is all about light
That look so beautiful
Like the flying kite
I’m not lying to you
Just take a bite
Don’t hide
Just come with me once
On the mysterical yellow ride.
-Anil Rajgotra
NIT Srinagar