inner voice


At the crack of dawn
Dark and misty
A quiet walk in the forest
Fresh, cool breeze
Earthy scent after the rainfall
Moss covered oaks and tall pine trees
Damp wood, wildflowers
And dew drops on the leaves
Sunlight filters through the trees as the fog lifts
Revealing shades of olive, lime and green
I enjoy and explore the wonders unfolding
As I walk on
The sight of hummingbirds,
Parrots and ladybugs
Wild rabbits and squirrels run
Deer jump across the stream
The sound of a distant waterfall
Melodious song of the nightingale
The silence breaks into nature’s music
Ambient and tranquil
Refreshed, I make my way back
Through the lush and verdant forest.
Shujai Shaminotra



Sometimes I wonder if its possible
For flowers under human hands to blossom?
Pollution is making India go down,
And yet everyone is acting like a clown.
Rivulets and rivers flow so soothing,
Jungles enrich us with fresh breathing.
Chemicals doing the worst,
God knows whom to blame, what to trust.
I believe, all this can be done,
Let we be the first, waiting for none.
I am the biggest part,
And I must now start.
Praniti Jamwal
6-A St Mary’s Presentation
Convent Gandhi Nagar,


With my heart beaming with joy,
With my head held high,
With my mind set free,
My soul in a reverie,
I behold thee.
The reminiscences of the past,
The aura you have cast,
Your glory, your grace,
Your soul puritan and chaste
I worship thee.
My visage glows at your sight,
You leave me awestruck and bright,
Your innocent gaze.,
Makes me amazed,
I beseech thee.
You are and will remain,
My inspiration, my destination.
Do whatever you may,
I will  be yours forever.
Saaras Khag


When we think of some political tension,
At first, the cause which comes
In our mind is Corruption!
Indeed, this curse is spreading
In the political arena,
Huh! They tried a lot to remove it,
But lost their stamina.
They take millions from the
Government to help the poor,
But swallow it all themselves…
And who’s going to take care
of the posted letter,
If the postman himself,
is one of the corruption’s slaves!!!
Many have tried to throw out corruption,
But, my God! It’s so powerful,
That whoever volunteered,
Was also dragged in this vicious circle.
But who cares…the politician?
Never friends, He only is the inventor…
Of this game, which he plays,
With the most ill-fated poor.
Sushil Pikhan
Ghou Manhasan