Inner Voice



When I looked around, I just found,
That nothing is mine, everything is thine,
I just feel that even my own life,
Is connected with my children and the wife.
These days and the nights,
Belong to the nature where I am just a creature.
These fountains, springs and streams,
Just gifted by boss, for my survival,
wash and bath.
These rivers, mountains and forests,
are not for my wastage, construction
and encroachment.
These parrots, sparrows, pigeons and crows,
are just my best friends and not my foes.
These rains down the hills and the planes,
Clean my filth in the lanes and the drains.
These hot and cold seasons,
Compel me to think with reasons,
That nothing is mine on this earth,
Doing something with grace and
beauty is just my duty.
When one said that you own a
good house, car and rank,
I said nothing is mine they too
are pledged with the bank.
God sake, tell us what is your,
Frankely speaking, I own nothing
and I am very poor,
Since whenever I look around, I Just found,
That nothing is mine, everything is thine,
Bodh Raj Rao
Gurha Brahmna (Bantalab), Jammu



Limited, bounded
Destined to end,
Replate with dark days,
A few joyful.
Its boons and banes,
Stress and strains
Looses and gains,
Land the man
in an unending pain.
If not followed
God and apostle
In this life, temporal in nature,
Real ceaseless, perpetual
Launches from the burial
Ashiq Hussain Rather


Let me close the eyes of my soul
That I may not see
What stands between thee ‘n’ me.
Let me halt this beat of my heart
That I may not hear
A voice that beats yours, O DEAR !
Let me cut the cords of my life :
Of my desolate being.
And unwept, unsung,
Let me leave ;
Varun Manhas [XII]
SP Smart Hr Sec. School

A Proud Woman

I am not your girl friend,
rather tried to be a best friend.
I am also a daughter,
Thats why a survivor to the end.
I swallowed my sacred pride,
And put my feelings aside.
I am often abused and tortured,
After taking your side.
You called me a machine,
You called me unappreciable.
I maintained my originality,
Thats why looked abnormal to you.
You hated me for my best,
And fragmented me for the rest.
Look at my strength with wide open eyes,
Surrounded by choas,still manages to smile.
Don’t dare to mock,don’t call me weak.
I am rising back,you gonna see me at the peak.
Strong,smart,sensual… Call me so man.
Tolerant and powerful…Proud being a woman.
Sona Khajuria