Inner Voice


I saw a beautiful dream
As beautiful as a sunbeam
Inexplicable scene it was
So colourful as a beautiful vase
Flowers were emitting sweet fragrance
Unmatchable was their beautiful elegance
Reflection of blue sky was beautifully seen
In the clear water which was so serene
Beautiful and colourful birds
were chirping there
everyone was happy and there
was no sign of dispair
Seven colours of rainbow
were beautifully blended
Green grass was looking simply splendid
The scene was the same as reflected in fairy tales
Just like beautiful brides were looking
through their veils
Lost by the mesmerizing beauty of my dream
I forgot myself within the charm of that gleam
Then i heard  a charming sweet voice
So sweet it was that anyone can rejoice
Who gave a command for me to respond
Only then I sensed that it wanted me to abscond
Then i realized that it was beautiful heaven
Only for dead to have accession
As I was still alive and had to strive
To get entry in this kingdom
when time will arrive.
Anu Gupta



Done much enough here
Friendship needs a chance now
Feelings still the same
By nature
But words being shuffled
Cosmos seems cheating on me
Every moment I smile
Every moment I try
Convinced with his words partly
Moulding my heart his
way now
Still we talk
Still I pray
Every day n night
Thinking of the one
Destroying myself
But now in a new way
Parul Anand

You are the one…

You can be the shoe
And I can be the laces
You can be the foot
And I can be its traces….
You can be the water
And I can be the towel
You can be a consonant
And I can be the vowel….
You can be the candle
And I can be its flame
You can be the popular
And I can be your name….
You can be the black
And I can be your white
You can be the eyes
And I can be your sight…
You can be the god
And I can be your prayer
You can be the food
And I can be its share…
You can be the perfume
And I can be its scent
You can understand well
That’s how it is meant….
You can be the pen
And I can be the paper
You can be the clay
And I can be your shaper….
You can be the pin
And I can be your hair
You can be the rainbow
That’s ought to be so mere ….
You can be the skin
And I can be its touch
You can be the blister
But it doesn’t affect much….
You can be the lyrics
And I can be the song
You can be the sound
And I can be the gong….
You can be the hand
And I can be its finger
You can be the leaf
On which the insect linger….
You can be the answer
And I can be your question
You can be the mood
And I can be its sensation….
‘cuz you are the one
With whom I am always done
You are my fun
Who fires happiness from its gun…
Riya Aga
12th KCIS