Inner Voice


A new day started……
The day of friendship.
I get up in the morning,
Full of positivity & hopes.
Then started looking
for their wishes,
On my phone
But it was all silent,
Nothing to say,
Nothing to show
Then l reopened my diary…..
After a long time.
Searching for something,
That could make me smile.
It made me smile……..
When I looked at those
beautiful things,
Written by them for me.
Then I turned my face
towards my phone.
But it was still silent
Nothing to say,
Nothing to show.
That situation was full of irony
’cause the friends
who made me smile via
their words,
written on my diary,
Are the same who made me
felt so unimportant today …….

Neha Kotwal
Friends Colony


Worked hard to see my future,
Because I got a family, to nurture.
Left home early, to work for my nation,
O my God, I was caught in agitation.
Came to enjoy wedding of cousin,
Saw my friends who were in dozen.
First I thought, they will hug me,
It was a flaw, and they got me.
I was staring into someone’s eye,
Dreaming my future with expected wife.
Taken to remote for grave billet,
Sent to heaven, decorated with bullet.
Sisters at home were waiting for me,
I won’t come sis, I was paying my fee.
Due drawn completed now it’s your turn,
Bye bye mom, I’m caught in Burhan’s town.

Sunil Pandit (Pamposh)
Bantalab Jammu


Let the waves ,in ocean of my pains
breaking all panes
Guide my way to Him,
whom I am enamored with
He, who is worlds smith
Let my wounds never get,
soothing ointment, that it need
It will make my route hard indeed
Let my eyes brimmed with tears
Help me come out of worldly fears
Let me , before travelling on hearse
Write His name in every verse
Let me rub this ‘me’
It must flee
Let my faith glim
by being just with Him
Let me be, with my Lord
With whom, am joined
by an invisible cord.

Honey Sharma


What loud  music people keep these days!
And balaring horns preach God’s
word every day;
And this they seem to do almost always!
A menace no one bothers anyway.
The youth prefer to hear music aloud;
The watts they hear can
take the tiles off roof!
It stimulates the thunder from the cloud;
The pity ’that  a man can’t stay aloof.
The road is full of traffic that makes Noise!
The sound of horn’s can make
the deaf ears hear!
A stress that people live with without choice!
‘Bandh’ is the only silent day of year!
And noise can rack a person’s nerves and brain!
I wish the current fails again, again.

Kazi Issaq
Bogdang Leh