Indoor stadium in Baramulla

Why is the much talked about indoor stadium in Baramulla not being accorded due and deserving attention for the last two years after the building for it at Kwaja Bagh was constructed? Five years have passed since the building was built but there is no stadium around. The work on the project was started well in 2013, after the customary laying of foundation stone by the then concerned Minister but as on date the project has not been completed. As if the total reckless approach of the Government was not enough to feel concerned about, the building is now reportedly become a safe haven for drug addicts, alcoholic persons, smokers and for undesirable elements as they find themselves comfortable in the building. There would have been, by now,  available the facilities around for sharpening of the talent for sports of different hues of the deserving aspiring  young people had the construction of the stadium not having being left to a State of inertia. Sports persons need practicing on an even and routine basis but for that, there is no place or the requisite space available. To cater to this vital need of the aspiring sports persons, this stadium was decided to be built but ground realities depict not even a glimmer of hope . This has resulted in the frustration among the sports persons of the entire district who otherwise would have been benefitted from this stadium.
That is not the end of the story. The soil dumped there had been sold to soil mafia and only after some objections from some residents , the soil was again dumped in the ground and most of the youngsters made it known that  even funds were not released excepting Rs.5 crore out of the estimated cost of Rs.18 crore. The young sports persons and other aspiring young people lamented over the delay and virtual stoppage of the project work and made it clear that if the stadium was kept in the continued State of “suspended animation”, they would be forced to come on streets to agitate. Let the Government take a heed.