In a communication to the Chief Minister of the State, the Governor N.N. Vohra has expressed his regret on several senior echelons among State bureaucracy failing to participate in the “At Home” given by him in connection with the Republic Day celebrations. This has happened despite an invitation sent to them from the Raj Bhawan and clear instructions of the Government that attendance at the said celebration was mandatory. For some time in the past, this peculiar behavior of the sections of official machinery has been noticed. Bureaucracy is subservient to executive and does not act independently. They were told in advance that absence would mean defiance of the instructions of the Government.
People knowledgeable about the terrorism-ridden history of contemporary Kashmir can read between the lines. However, all that can be said is that absence of some of the top officials appears to be by design and not by chance. If a notice was issued to them that their absence would mean dereliction of duty, then the law must come into force and that would mean disciplining the errant officials.