Humane for common man

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was strongly advocating for healing touch. Whether he did the same on the ground seriously or not is not a point of debate. However, had Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s healing touch concept worked, the situation would have been different today. Now his daughter,  Chief Minister,  Mehbooba Mufti says that militancy won’t end by killing militants and humane approach is very much needed. She also says that engaging youth would finish stone pelting.
Healing touch or humane touch, whatever, are very good words.  However, the problem is : whom humane touch should be given? From the context, what Chief Minister says, one can judge that all are not for healing touch but only for the militants. Where is the human heart in such leaders for those who have lost their kiths and kins for no fault of theirs? An old-aged widow loses her only earning hand in crossfire. What humane touch have you thought for her? Kashmiri children have been kept away from the education due to bandhs and hartals and they are losing valuable years of their lives for no fault of theirs. What human touch you are giving to them? What human touch for doonga walas and for poor vendors? Above all what healing or human touch for Kashmiri Pandits who have been hounded out from the homes and hearths almost three decades ago?
Militants need not healing or humane touch. Common people need healing touch who have become prey in the jaws of militancy.
Yours etc…
Navjot Singh
Nanak Nagar