Sunday Jan 14-2018

Aries : You will be very short-tempered today. Your temper is ready to burst at the drop of a hat, but, Ganesha says, it will be of no avail. It would be better to exhaust all that energy in some vigorous swimming or any sort of physical activity. Ganesha suggests that you actually run your way back to home.

Taurus : You are likely to have differences with your parents in the early hours of the day. Ganesha urge you not to quarrel or confront them. Do not retaliate in any way. Act decent and discreet. Respect their views, wishes and sentiments. Be careful. You may have health problems later in the day. If your health does deteriorate, do not take things casually. Don’t think twice. Go consult a medical specialist without delay.

Gemini : Emotional and material security will hold equal importance today. You want to be in love, but you know that love can’t buy you dough. If you are a student, today you will make crucial choices concerning higher studies, predicts Ganesha

Cancer : You will take unusual interest in places of historical significance and destinations not frequented by many, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you will be the centre of attention in a group discussion. You will show your excellent trouble-shooting skills while executing all your plans, hopes Ganesha.

Leo : Self-belief and self-confidence are the two wheels of the bike on which you shall ride to success, says Ganesha. Add to that self-assurance, and you have a turbo boost that makes you unstoppable. Your dedication and devotion to your task is something that mystifies everyone at the workplace. It’s as if for you, there is no substitute for work. So, it is no surprise that even on the social front, you are the first one finish your task, and even help out others. Ganesha wishes you all the best and hopes that you have a day full of vigour. May the force be with you!

Virgo : The thinking cap is on your head, and a passionate pulse runs through you today. Expect a laid-back, cavalier attitude to grip you in the afternoon. Government officials will have a inspiringly assenting day. Your professionalism will shine through today.

Libra : The day brings with it the gift of passion, and all its various nuances. On the career front, you may take steps today that will establish your identity in office. Later in the day, there are also chances of you having differences with your business associates. But your alert mind shall enable you to have an edge over your rival’s plans, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : Although appearances are deceptive, they are probably the best with which to judge something or someone. Don’t get stuck in the rat race, and make a mark for yourself. In the evening, you will probably take extra care to be a show-stopper, predicts Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Your genial nature and charming smile will captivate many of the opposite sex. Your colleagues will employ your skills to their benefit. Later in the evening, a stroll with your sweetheart will sugar your mood and fill your heart with ecstasy.

Capricorn : For this one day, you will be the master of your own fate, assigning work and cleverly getting it done without having to move a muscle. Incidentally, you will put in efforts to get along well with those around you, and unknowingly impress many by dint of your stupendous management skills, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : This day will play an important part in your future! The much-needed funds for business or education may fall your way today. Your seamless happiness will reflect in the playful mood in which you will interact with your loved ones. Ganesha is satisfied with your priorities.

Pisces : Financially, you will be treading cautiously today. Savings will take precedence over indulgences. You are likely to invest in debt instruments over equities. New business proposals may come your way in the afternoon. Cultural and social activities will keep you occupied as well, says Ganesha.