Friday Nov 08-2017

Aries : You will look for new opportunities to increase your competence, and for new ways to enjoy. If your relationship is under stress, it is about time you sorted out things. There is likelihood of making a short trip. If you are feeling under the weather, Ganesha says a long drive with your beloved may do you good.

Taurus : Ganesha sees you getting very impatient and restless this day. Thank the stars; in spite of that you will remain adequately steady and focussed on your work, and perform suitably and commendably as expected.. During the latter part of the day, your colleagues and superiors are likely to be more helpful and responsive. The day, in spite of your moods, promises to turn out to be very positive, very eventful and very pleasing.

Gemini : A fruitful day loaded with opportunities awaits you. You will be able to complete all your tasks easily at the work-front. However, you will need to put in extra effort to satisfy others. You will be engaged in discussions with your family members and neighbours later on, says Ganesha.

Cancer : With Ganesha’s blessings, your day will be quite peaceful. It means that though you will have to face unfavourable circumstances, you will overcome them easily. Happiness on the home front enables you to display your efficiency in office. An exciting day!

Leo : It’s just good business to be on the move and avoid complacency. In fact, it is one of the secrets to success in business. Keep this in mind as today, you might have to be on the move constantly, foresees Ganesha. Monetary situations will be a matter of concern and anxiety in the afternoon, but you are of invaluable support to your peers. Having handled work all day, look forward to an enjoyable evening in a romantic setting. All in all, Ganesha wishes you a fulfilling day today.

Virgo : What you wish to do today is to overhaul the looks of your living space. You might want to add some pieces of furniture or some items of decoration that define your personality. Ganesha advises you to be ready in the evening to be a great performer or probably to lend some valuable help.

Libra : Ganesha says you will think of restyling or renovating your home today. You shall be able to style your house with artifacts or beautiful paintings. You will invite your friends to your home in the evening and enjoy spending time with them. You may try your luck today in the share market and you can hope to make substantial gains.

Scorpio : You are on a mission to solve all the pending problems, by finding their solutions today itself. And very aptly, your optimistic attitude and creative outlook would come to rescue you in difficult moments. At this point of time, even your colleagues and superiors support you, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Today will be a day when you are inclined not only to being upbeat but also firm, says Ganesha. In your line of work, you may get passionate about your views. But compromise is on the cards and that too without any harm to your dignity. Your better half will keep you occupied, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : You’ll be over-emotional during the first half of the day. You’ve been quiet for a long period now, and it will be emotionally and physically exhausting for you to express your tensions, fears, dreams, regrets and sorrows, feels Ganesha. The other half will be different as you’ll feel energetic and go out of the way to be with others in their tough times.

Aquarius : Today, you will feel inclination towards antiques and arts, foretells Ganesha. You appreciate the beauty of life, but often forget to bring these emotions to the surface. You will be very sensitive today and probably the smallest of disputes may hurt your feelings badly, foresees Ganesha.

Pisces : Dealings with foreign companies and organizations will translate into financial gains for you today. Today is a good day when it comes to realizing your financial goals. You will also be able to help others improve upon their footing in life. This will elevate your social status. Today is a day for receiving good-will and increasing the number of your well-wishers, says Ganesha.