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Heritage city

This has reference to the news item ‘Old Jammu to be developed as ‘Heritage City’ DE Oct 3, 2017.
The statement by the Deputy Chief Minister  to develop old areas of Jammu as heritage city is more than welcome.
The Jammu city, particularly, the old city has all that what is needed to make it a heritage city. This  is quite necessary in view of the rapid expansion of the city both horizontally and vertically. With coming up of new malls and markets in latest architecture and style, the city is losing its old aura and grendeur. Old buildings are being torn down to be replaced by these skycrappers. In case care is not taken to save old buildings and market, Jammu will lose its contact with the past. There will be not a sign or symbol which will be representative of Dogra culture or tradition. It will be a great loss to the legacy we have inherited.
The legacy is reminder of the collective wisdom of our ancestors who have raised it after putting much labour and pain to it.
However, one remains sceptical whether the announcement made by the DyCM will  be fulfilled. This is because mary such announcements were also made by the erstwhile Governments also. Nothing was done to make this part as Heritage City.
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Ajit Sharma


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