Harshdev seeks action against ministers violating Flag Code

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 5: Alleging violations of  Flag Code of India, Prevention of Insult to National Honours Act and Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act being committed with impunity by the Ministers of the BJP-PDP Govt, Chairman of the National Panthers Party and former minister, Harshdev Singh has sought their resignation besides initiation of legal proceedings against them.
In a press statement here, NPP leader said that law was equal for all and no one, however high or mighty he may be, could be granted immunity from legal action on the strength of his position or power wielded by him in the system. He said that several people having been prosecuted for showing affront and disrespect to the National Flag, the erring Ministers could not be treated differently under law and called for their prosecution under various provisions of law.
Pointing towards the violations committed by the Ministers in the use of National Flag, Harshdev said it is unambiguously provided in the relevant laws that National Flag shall always occupy the position of honour and distinctly placed and when used in a motor car it shall fly on the right side of the vehicle. He said that various Ministers of BJP and PDP were flying the National Flag on the left side of their vehicle with the prominent distinctive position having been conceded to State flag. He said that this amounted to making National Flag subservient to State Flag and an insult to it within the meaning and scope of National Emblems and Names Act. He said that the Flag code of India further specified that National Flag shall always be made of  Khadi or hand spun cloth and flying a flag of any other material is punishable with three years besides fine.    He accused Ministers of using velvet flag in their vehicles in violation of the regulations prescribed thus attracting the penal provisions of the Flag code.
Harshdev  pointed out that only recently one of the Ministers of present Govt was shown flying a National Flag upside down with green panel on the top and saffron at the bottom, which despite media reports went unheeded. He said that Flag code categorically states that Flag could be used only between sunrise and sunset but it is a common spectacle to watch Ministers flying National Flag on their cars even after sunset.
Calling all parties to respect the national symbols and Emblems, Singh advised the BJP to make a beginning from their own home and to educate their Ministers about the sanctity of the laws pertaining to our national honour and pride.