I was too happy to make movies: Kevin Smith

LONDON, Feb 26:  Filmmaker Kevin Smith has said he stopped making movies in 2010 because he was too happy.
The 46-year-old writer-and-director previously vowed he planned to retire from the film industry in 2010 but returned with “Tusk” in 2013 and he made the decision because he was struggling to find inspiration as everything was going so well in his life, reported Contactmusic.
“Happy people don’t make great art, it’s that simple. Great art comes from a place of pain and I don’t really have any more pain. My life worked out unbelievably, so for a while, I struggled. I stepped away for three years and thought, ‘I guess I shouldn’t make movies anymore.’
“After ‘Red State’, I was like, ‘I’ll go podcast.’ Then oddly, the podcast brought me back to movies, everything that’s in ‘Tusk’ and ‘Yoga Hosers’ came out of episodes of that,” Smith said. (PTI)