Gupta seeks appointment of Delimitation Commission

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 18: Terming the ongoing exercise by the State Cabinet Sub-Committee on the issue of creation of administrative units as political abrogating, the former Union Minister and MLA Prof Chaman Lal Gupta said that this was not the job of ruling leaders but it should have been left for some administrative experts having independent views.
He also sought the appointment of Delimitation Commission to have fair distribution of Assembly seats to bring to an end to the regional discrimination.
In a statement issued here, Prof Gupta said it was strange that without making public the reports of Baloria Committee and even the latest one that of Mustaq Ganie, a group of Ministers have been entrusted the task of creation of administrative units.
He further said that eight new districts were arbitrarily created in the Valley of Kashmir under so much political consideration that a few of them had the population of just about 3 lakh and spread over kilometers, close to Srinagar.
He pointed out that other states of the country are not having such a large number of administrative units as is here. Citing the example of Gujrat, he said it has a large population of over 6 crores and vast area than of J&K, yet there are only 20 districts. But in J&K, which has a population of just 1.25 crores, there are 22 districts and large number of other units have been created, although the State is not in a position for creation of the infrastructure for such units.
The former Union Minister said that there is not only the need for total review of the administrative set up of State but also the dire necessity to have a Delimitation Commission for Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies in the State to bring an end to the regional and political discrimination against Jammu and ensure fair representation to each region.