Gupta asks Govt to deport Bangladeshis, Rohingyas

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 23: State BJP spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta today asked the State Government to identify the Bangladeshi and Rohingyas who have infiltrated in Jammu and Kashmir State and presently settled in Jammu and deport them to their respective countries.
In a statement issued here today he said that as per the reports from various quarters the number of those infiltrated in Jammu is more than what is quoted in the State Assembly and added that there are certain elements within the State administration and in the civil society, who are assisting their infiltration and their permanent settlement in Jammu to change its demography. He pointed to the reports that some of these infiltrators have managed to get Aadhar cards, permanent State Subjects, names in the voter lists and own the ration cards.
Prof. Virender said that if these reports are true, then it points to the great conspiracy being hatched by some anti-Jammu, communal and anti-national elements. He asked the State administration to look into the matter and take immediate appropriate action and also asked the people of Jammu region to be aware and rise to the occasion to unitedly thwart the conspiracy.
He questioned the State Government for sleeping in the matter and allowing the adverse to happen. He said that when there has always been hue and cry on the settlement of Kashmiri Pandits, establishment of Sainik Colony in the Valley on the pretext of change of demography or changing the Muslim character of the Valley and asked the people of Jammu region, including the leaders of political parties, in particularly those of NC and Congress that why they are keeping silent and not reacting to the situation developing, because of not only infiltration of the foreign nationals but also those coming from Valley and settling in Jammu. “Are the leaders of NC and those of Congress of Jammu region are party to the change of the demography of Jammu region”, he asked.