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Guest control order

General public in the State is very happy on the initiative taken by the Government of enforcing guest control order to eliminate profligacy in civil society. Of late, with economic development, upper and more affluent segments of society had become profligate and have been making unjustifiable demonstration of their wealth and extravagancy in marriage party and in lavish show of their affluence. The guest control orders have taken into account all facets of social life that provide opportunity to the affluent people to make a show of their ill-gotten wealth. The show of wealth like serving dozens of dishes in a marriage party, inviting thousands of people as guests, make enormously expensive gifts and spreading lavish meals most of which goes waste are all signs of extravagancy. By a conservative estimate, more than 30 per cent of our population is living below poverty line. This is what the Government has accepted. What sense is there for a small affluent section of our society making incredible show of wealth by wasting their money on lavish feast, jewelry, costly gifts, bursting cracker and using amplifiers to create sound pollution etc.?
People are very happy that under Guest Control Order, there will be a limit to the number of guests on marriage feasts, limited number of gifts and no gifts with invitation cards. People are happy that no loudspeakers and amplifiers will be allowed to create deafening sound and sound pollution. This order aims at making the society decent and sober and behaving in a manner that the function does not become a headache for the neighours and others. Time has come when we should behave as cultured, sensible and sophisticated people who do not waste national wealth that is needed for developing the large undeveloped areas that we have.


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