Govt should stop exploitation of contractual lecturers: Harsh

NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu on Sunday.
NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 8: Seeking   job security for the contractual and academic arrangement lecturers rendering un-interrupted services in the Education Department since several years, NPP chairman and former Education Minister Harshdev Singh sought framing of a suitable regularization policy of such lecturers.
Describing the ‘use and throw’ policy adopted by the Govt with regard to such highly educated youth as most reprehensible and contemptuous, he cautioned the Govt not to play with the sentiments of such under employed youth.
Addressing press conference here today, Harshdev urged for the implementation of the doctrine of ‘equal pay for equal work’ in J&K and  regretted  the exploitation of the highly educated youth engaged as contractual lecturers in Schools and  Colleges on nominal wages only for the reason that they were not regularly appointed. He said that engagement of Ph.Ds, M.Phils and double Post-graduates as lecturers in the said institutions on academic arrangement basis for negligible emoluments of Rs 7000 per month as against Rs 45000 for their counterparts in regular establishment, despite the same nature of work, was obnoxious and amounted to worst form of human rights violation.
He said that the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ had been expounded through a recent  judgment given by the apex court and constituted a law which needed to be strictly honoured by the State Govt with respect to various Govt engagements. Paying less wages to such employee as compared to a similarly circumstanced, therefore constituted an act of exploitative enslavement emerging out of domineering position of state and hence bad in law, he said.
NPP leader said he had also taken up the matter with Education Minister Naeem Akhtar. It was suggested that a proposal should be put up before the cabinet for inclusion of such lecturers in the special Provisions Act of 2010 which provides for regularization of similarly circumstanced adhoc employees working in all other Govt Depts. He said that the Govt should further reserve a fixed number of teachers’ posts in every District for candidates who have served on adhoc basis in schools and colleges. In view of growing unrest among such highly educated youth, the matter was required to be placed before the cabinet, he added.