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Govt selling poison on name of juice: Bukhari

Javed moves Privilege Motion against Law Minister

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Jan 24: Ruling alliance faced a humiliating situation in the State Assembly when on of its MLA criticized the Government functioning while another moved a breach of Privilege Motion against Law and Justice Minister, Abdul Haq Khan in the House today.
PDP’s MLA from Amirakadal and former Minster, Altaf Bukhari, who made startling revelations in the House during the debate on grants of Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture, took the Minister to task saying that poison is being sold in the State on the name of fruit juice produced by JKHPMC.
Bukhari said that the juice prepared by the JKHMPC can’t be sold beyond 18 months as it turns spurious and expires after a stipulated time but the Department is selling it after three years in the market. “This way they are selling the poison to the people. He said Government is on one hand saying the plant is not functioning and it is defunct for last three years and on the other hand old juice of JKHMPC is on sale in the market. It is a non bailable offence to sell expired items in the market,” he added.
The MLA while highlighting other shortcomings of the Ministry said Government of India passed the Insecticide Act under which any person selling the Tree Spray Oil should have proper registration. But in J&K some people are selling it with out license. This way the Government is itself breeding corruption in the State, he added.
He said as per Act those who are not registered with Government will go to jail.
He said the testing laboratories for the pesticides in the State can’t test more than 20 percent of the product while rest is not being tested by them. “Is it not a fraud with the people? Many times I tried to bring this in the notice of Government but could not but today I thought that I should reveal it,” he added.
The MLA also alleged that the new plants set up by the Ministry are not working and asked how can you maintain a check?
He said there is no check on the part of the Government and it fully enforced law no one can sell banned oil in the market. Moreover those who are selling insecticides should have a license from the Government but it is not being implemented. This is being done to support some blue eyed boys, he added.
While taking on Minister and criticizing the Government policies, Bukhari said Market Intervention Scheme (MIS), is nothing but political slogans. Only few people get benefit while majority is ignored, he added.
He also said the high density apple trees failed to give yield as was claimed by the Government and today position is this that the Bulgarian variety brought some years back is no where seen now.
Deputy Speaker Nazir Gurezi later passed directions to the Government to submit a detailed report before the House on this vital issue.
The issue was also raised by Abdul Majid Padder of PDP who said in his area which is also apple bowel of Kashmir people sell the Tree Spray Oil without license and Government should maintain check on the same.
Altaf Ahmed Kaloo of NC also expressed concern saying expired juice is being sold to the people and this way we are giving poison to our children. This is a cause of concern and serious issue as brought in the notice of the House by Bukhari.
During the debate PDP MLA, Javed Mustafa Mir moved a Privilege Motion against the Minister of Law and Justice, Abdul Haq Khan. Deputy Speaker Nazir Gurezi after going through the Privilege Motion said the House will examine it.
As per the Privilege Motion brought by the member the Minister had made a promise with him in the House related some issue in village Lasjan of Chadoora Constituency in Budgam district. But despite giving assurance Minister failed to settle the issue and disgraced him.
Participating in the debate, MLA Udhampur Pawan Gupta accused the Government of discriminating with Jammu region and said under Horticulture Rs 262 crore were given to Kashmir valley while only Rs 4.40 crore were given to Jammu. This is a total discrimination with the region, he added.
He said in Kashmir 90 percent of the Horticulture has been tabbed while in Jammu only 20 percent has been tabbed, he added.
Gupta said that Jammu is also facing discrimination in the Command Area Development while major funds go to Valley though maximum land in this region is Kandi.
He asked the Government don’t ignore Jammu in Horticulture and said as per a report of the Scientific team Jammu has lot of potential for cultivation of walnut than Kashmir but it is not being given the impetus by the Government, he added.
The MLA Udhampur said even in Agriculture Sector Jammu gets less funds.


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