Govt fails to take concrete steps on return, rehabilitation of Pandits: KPS

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 3: Kashmiri Pandit Sabha (KPS) in its Executive Council meeting here today held under the chairmanship of its president K K Khosa expressed anguish over the failure of the State as well as Central Government for not taking any concrete steps for the return and rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.
The meeting accused the political parties and their leaders also for not taking pains in this regard.  The meeting said it appears that this issue, one of the most peculiar and with no parallels since the country’s independence, is conveniently kept in the ice box. The members expressed dismay and dejection over allowing the issue of the ethnic community of Kashmiri Pandits return, rehabilitation and reversal of the  causes of exodus in perpetual indefinite suspended animation, if not in irreversible dormancy.
The members said that the political leadership right from 1990 till 2014 suffered from policy paralysis in respect of the issue stalling the resolution of which has put the reality of Indian secularism to be tested on the touch stone of how the problem of the original inhabitants of Kashmir was going to be solved by giving them their thousands of years of home back.
It said the incapability of the Governments in power all the 27 years in respect of the matter must be addressed now urgently by the present Union Government led by Narendra Modi.
Sabha chief Khosa in this regard made a reference to recent address to the people by RSS Chief, Dr Mohan Rao Bhagwat on Vijay Dashmi where in he wondered over the continuous neglect of the community in resolving their problem of exodus. Khosa demanded a cogent blue print from the government in the right earnest towards return and rehabilitation of the ethnic community and not mere empty and hollow statements.
He said the intensions and the sincerity of the State Government should not appear suspect and dithery as a matter of policy and continuous state of inertia vis -a-vis the honorable return and rehabilitation on the terms and conditions of beleaguered community had put very serious question marks on the socalled Kashmiriyat and Jamhooryat because the very approach is that it sans Insanyat.