Good governance

During elections we listen a lot in the context of good governance by the candidates fighting election in the country. We have been observing, after assuming power by the elected candidates, they forget all the promises. What we mean by good governance  is implementation of welfare schemes in every nook and corner and economic growth with social justice. If we  visualise, there are several states in the country that have become economic  model viz-a-viz Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  These states have made huge progress in health and education. They had combined economic growth with social development. The State of  Jammu and Kashmir is still lagging behind when compared to other states of the country in the field of economic growth although State is hugely funded by the Central Government. The idea of a  Central Government that oversees everything is a thing of the past. Power has to be given not just to the States but to  local elected representatives. Funds provided for welfare schemes must reach the grass root level beneficiaries. The empowerment of Gram Panchayats and  local bodies may be one way to ensure effective implementation. Political executives need to chalk out programmes and involve people in decision making. We should go beyond elected functionaries at the Gram Panchayat and Nagar Palika level and reach out to the people to hear  what they have to say about policies and schemes. Lastly, our CM held series of meetings recently with the people and took on the spot decisions in both the divisions of the State which is worth praise. In this way access to the CM can ease problems facing by the people living in far – flung areas of the State. It is need of the hour that our State Government change the paradigm of governance for the welfare of masses.
Yours etc…
S N Raina