From failures to success

Ankita Gupta

Failure! A word that scares us all. A student or a professional of any field would scare from this ghostly and haunted word “Fail”. Yes! it really is a nightmare. But nobody ever wonders is it really so much feared?
The truth is that failure doesn’t always mean losing, scoring less in exams. But failure is an opportunity to know about your mistakes and what more you can do. It actually gives you a lesson and teaches you and if we take it in right spirit and learn from our mistakes and failures we can really become perfectionists and can achieve our goals.
Failure doesn’t mean that you are a loser or you can’t do anything etc. etc.
Just take it as a chance. A chance to know where you are lacking, a chance to know what more you can do. A chance to do more, a chance to enrich your work and prove it to everyone. Fail in any subject, in any field or in anything doesn’t really matter but how you take it is what really counts. How you shape yourself, what you have learned is what really matters.
Just remember “If you haven’t failed ever not even for a single time it means that you are at wrong path or you are doing it wrong.”
You should never break yourself, just because you have failed. Simply say that to your yourself that “I will do better tomorrow” and start working again. Try again and again. You will do great tomorrow. But students now-a-days are getting used to these heart breaks because of failure in exams. They think that failure means the end of the world. But that’s not true. They start thinking all the negative thoughts and they start judging themselves that they are losers, they can’t do anything etc. And due to these negative thoughts in their minds they often try to harm themselves physically or they often fall into something which is really, really costly and it is not affordable for any parent or anyone.
May be this is not their mistake but the mistake of the people around the environment we create which makes them feel so insecure and useless about themselves. And they think if anyone would come to know about their failure then it will be their disgrace. At the stage of student life, some students never get proper guidance and never take it well so they act so absurdly.
As I mentioned earlier that failure is not a big deal but inspite of learning or understanding our mistakes we absolve ourselves and blame others. Feeling bad is not a big issue. Anyone who failed would feel extremely bad but that doesn’t mean that you would stop working and totally give up or quit. No, don’t give up. Don’t stop. Don’t quit.
A successful person, a winner, a champion is one who never gives up, never quits. They are those who worked hard and came over their failures. They learned from their mistakes and they did it. They battled till the end and that’s how they became legends. To walk through the stars and reach the moon, its a ride of the hell that you have to go through. Its a long way. Its a yellow brick road full of struggles, challenges and difficulties but you don’t have to stop and once you have made through this road you will see at the end there’s a world full of fulfilled dreams which will last forever. Just remember that today’s hardwork, sacrifies will be a joy forever.