Four-laning of NH

The project of Four-laning of the National Highway from Srinagar to Qazigund in Kashmir valley was floated in 2011.Till now it has jumped the date line thrice and even then there is little hope that the fourth time line of June 2018 will be met. The reason is sloth and lethargy taking into its grip elements that are at the helm of affairs. We know that acquisition of land is a big problem in such projects and the people are always reluctant to part with their landed properties that are reflected in court cases for judicial review. We also know that a number of bridges had to be built and at least three by-passes had to be provided. This is not a small task especially when we know that during winter months when there is cold and snow and slush, it becomes difficult to carry out the type of work in hand viz. digging the earth and building the road or balding culverts and bridges.
We certainly regret that the task has taken seven long years and still some more time is required to make it functional. However given the obstacles in the way, there has been only slow pace and not abandonment of the work. That is a healthy part of it and in final analysis we expect the four-laning to become a reality as soon as possible to give a new lease of life to the vital link that connects Kashmir with the rest of the country.