Feudal to corporate exploitation

M L Gupta
In feudal system land belonged to princes and land lords for whom the peasant tilled their soils paying high corvee on the produce. As such the peasant were living in utter poverty.In India caste system based on heredity, hierarchy  & inequality  had reduced  majority of population particularly the pleasantry to utter poverty doing menial jobs for their upper caste masters. The Chivalry taught to Kshatriyas by their Brahmin mentors not only kept them engaged in internecine warfare, oblivious of broad natural & patriotic vision but also left majority of population  a bewildered mass resigned to their fate. The foreign invaders who ruled India for more than seven centuries not only forced more inequalities & religious  persecution but also increased poverty & suffering of Indian masses. They also carried away Indian young men & women as animal herds to be sold abroad as slaves. The Britishers came to India as traders in disguise of East India Company and  playing one against the other grabbed power in Eighteenth century. They created a class of loyalest kings and landlords reducing the peasant to utter poverty . They had no regard for Indian lives having remained a callous spectators to thirty million of deaths due to starvation in the famine that took place in nineteenth century. When due to world wide economic depression revolution were raging in the whole of Europe, Karl Mark born on 5th of May 1818 gave to the world in 1848 his philosophy  of communism. He divided humanity into two clear cut camps, thehave and havenots. Russia where over 22.5 million peasants were slaves adopted communism after October 1917 revolution brought about by Lenin head of Bolshevics party. Russia and all annexed territory under Tsarist expansion were named as USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republic ).
The rise of communism in USSR encouraged communist movement in other oppressed countries including India witnessing independence  struggle  led by Indian National Congress . Land to tillers became a war cry. Many of congressmen including Subash Chander Bose, the congress president in 1938 had subscribed  to this socialist theory of Karl Mark . But when subash was reelected congress president in 1939 he was forced by Gandhi to resign. He left congress and formed new outfit “Forward Block” in West Bengal. The British surveillance forced him to leave India and join Independence struggle through Indian National Army founded   at Singapore. The Congress appointed Jawahar Lal Nehru (born with silver spoon in Moti Lal Nehru family at Allahabad) as Prime Minister of India after independence on 15th August 1947. His government  succumbed to corporate sector who bought favours in lieu of money paid. Soon a nexus emerged between that sector, the politicians and their pliable bureaucrats. The  role of money, muscle power in elections & absolute power, favoritism, nepotism  in governance  increased. Disproportionate to income assets of politicians & their pliable bureaucrats started  surfacing. Various purchase scandals came to light like fodder for animals in which Rs. 900 crores were swindled, Urea purchase in which Rs. 1300 crores were swindled  and Bofors  guns deal  in which commission over Rs 400 crores were said to have been paid to then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. CBI which have remained under control of PMO failed  to prove its mantle. In BJP led N.D.A government from 1999 to 2004 under the Prime Ministership of Atal Behari Bajpayee development in infrastructures like roads, express ways & airports, introduction of mobile phones & ATMs were initiated. The benefits of these development was reaped by congress led by UPA government under chairmanship of Sonia Gandhi & Prime Minister ship of Man Mohan Singh labeled as chairperson of most corrupt & inexertive misgovernance . Massive corruption scams have surfaced under UPA’s ten  years misgovernance like Rs. 1.76 lac crore loss in 2 G Spectrum allotment & Rs. 2 lac crore loss in coal block  allotment to national exchequer. The political mafia in different congress ruled states is also benefitting in Infrastructure development. The UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi & Indian Prime Minister S. Manmohan Singh shall go down the history as leaders of most corrupt regime  in the country.
They should rather be discredited instead of claiming benefits of developments through ads appearing in various T.V Channels etc. They should also take responsibility for over Rs. 100 lac crores of India money stacked in foreign banks which amount is more than six times the Indian Government reserves of Rs. 15.65 lacs crores. Congress is talking about taking on corruption only after debacle in all four states where elections were held recently. Infact congress still in government should earnestly track down Rupees one hundred lac crores of Indian politicians,  bureaucrats & the corporate sector people lying in foreign banks aboard instead of canvassing against modi who has been running a most progressive state of Gujarat as Chief Minister for the last three consecutive terms. Congress should also initiate steps to take punitive measures against all those who have made assets disproportionate to their known source of Income and also take steps to nationalization of Petroleum blocs privatized in the country. At least subsidies diesel so that the cost of commodities could be brought back to BJP led NDA Government level or  as existed in 1999. Price rise has hit poor & lower middle class badly. They will never forgive congress for this. J&K has also been witnessing corruption after the demise of G.M Sadiq the Chief Minister in 1965. The level of corruption has gradually increased there after & galloped particularly after seventies. It wouldn’t be out of place to say that some of the politicians have amassed  assets worth Rupees Thousands of crores with in the State, in the country and in some cases abroad too. The State witnessed good governance between 2002-2005 when accountability commission was established to check corruption in governance beside some other constructive measures taken. There after the congress led government introduced Rosni act not only to benefit few of their politicians and blue eyed friends but also land mafia which even today is indulging in grabing government land. It’s coalition partners who along with congress are ruling in State for the last decade have not only encouraged massive corruption but also have added to people’s suffering by frequent  power failures, water and ration scarcity etc.
They have even encouraged theft of power in connivance with P.D.D employees in massive way. Therefore there is a need for change both at centre and in the state so that not only the country but also in states the respective governments  should ensure rule of law, elections free of money & muscle power, governance  free of corruption, absolute power, nepotism & favourtism . The polity should be reduced to two or three parties both at centre level as well in states. The contest should be directly between  the parties who should send representatives in proportion to votes secured. The parties should be  provided government mass media for expressing their manifesto as well for debate between the parties on good governance. Investigation agencies should be made free of government & political influence etc. Corruption  should be made crime punishable at par with murder in society.
(The author is former Ex – M.D J&K Minerals Ltd.,)