Fate of FIRs in corruption cases

We have apparently yet to go much beyond empty rhetoric and issuing of stereo type circulars and official communiqués to stop and erase the scourge of corruption from the system in whatever way present. State Vigilance Organization, by its very name, implies its expected pivotal role which it has to play in inquiring corruption cases and ensuring that the guilty were adequately punished. In fact, State Vigilance Organization should enjoy its functional and professional autonomy without any interference from any circle whatsoever that led to affect its role in getting the corrupt caught and brought to justice as early as possible.
Having said so, it is observed that in respect of corruption cases,  majority of the FIRs  registered by the State Vigilance Organization during the past nearly four years are still “under investigation” and no one knows as to when they will be taken to logical conclusion. The fact of the matter is that Governor N .N. Vohra has been laying emphasis on curbing the menace of corruption with stringent measures so that people did not lose faith in the system. Even in the absence of such directives and advice from whichever quarters, it should be incumbent upon the State Vigilance Organization authorities to come up to the expectations of all and sundry, in showing extra interest and enthusiasm, in booking the culprits and getting them prosecuted.
When investigations, inquiries, gathering of evidence and documentary proof are allowed to go slow either intentionally or “innocently” or due to other reasons like political interference, threats, warnings etc; the result is that such corrupt officials who should have been behind the bars or at least placed under suspension are, in most of the cases, not only remaining unpunished but are enjoying their “office life” rather than official duties , responsibilities and sincere hard work.  Since such people having got themselves insulated of any imminent legal action are instead enjoying plum postings and placements at their places of choice and “convenience”. That is just uncalled for, unaccepted and unjustified by any logic. The emotional feelings of those employees who act honestly and who outnumber the dishonest ones, are hurt and feel disappointed. That is a silent undercurrent telling upon the performance of the dedicated honest employees while what we aspire for is more performance and optimum utilization of human resources in our offices, institutions and other Government agencies.
What is the data submitted by the Vigilance Organization in respect of their performance in investigations and filing of FIRs ? What is the periodicity of such furnishing and who is monitoring it ? Is the graph of performance going up even steadily year after year in terms of prosecutions and resultant punishment to corrupt officials and those of proven doubtful integrity? Is performance of the State Vigilance Organization being closely watched by the Home Department and other authorities to reward and penalize ?  What is the level of vigilance and surveillance employed by the Organization to find out the corrupt and get them punished? These are vital issues connected with the entire spectrum and range of the issue under reference.
We are at a loss to deduce as to why accountability is not established in such a type of so much time consuming investigations and why causes are not ascertained and shared with public, as to whether there were any political pushes and pulls behind such investigations going the snail’s way of reaching nowhere resulting in letting the dishonest and corrupt ones in the system go scot free.