FAILURE- A Real Success

Pinaki Bakshi
A word enough to scare those who have fallen prey to it, a stamp on those who have tasted it, an embarrassment which slap you every time and  a communicable disease, which               follows you everywhere ‘Failure’.
The irony of this word is not just its syntax structure, but also the opinion of others, which portrays it negative and itching in every sense. Actually it is such a magical term, which people relate when they are done over with something not achieved, when every time they lost their tracks and use it as a word which is pretty easy to make sure that something horrible has been done. Whereas, in such circumstances, people do forget to remember those, who have been prey to ample of failures and then met success, who were born unlucky but died as  legend and the most important the successful beings ever born on this planet when were asked about their success, their reply was, “The term which sounds fiery and scary to millions, is actually the reason of any success, which we embarrassingly called ‘failure’.”
One need to understand that, nothing in this Universe is born inauspicious. It is always our perception that how we think about it. Things do work according to our illusion. Positive illusions led negatives to zenith and negative ones even degrade the other one. One has to understand that, failure is not the opposite of success; in fact it is the part of success, which we all dream of. One must not forget that, biggest failures are the part of the biggest successes ever. It is well said by Emily Dickinson in one of her poems, ‘Success is Counted Sweetest’, that success is counted sweetest by those who have never tasted it. Failure is that essence of our part, without which one will be incapable to understand the value of success. And success is always reverend by those who have starved for it. One does underestimate easily fetched things.
The value of money can be explained by those who have craved for it, the value of life can be explained by the only one, who has met death from very near, the value of people than materialism can be explained by those who have lost their loved ones, in the same way the value of success is known by the only one who has made every stone unturned in turning its adversity into a great success. Easy track makes one to fetch easy assets and hard track makes us to fetch the hard assets, which we call success. Life without challenges and stones is merely a living death. We all are born to make best out of our lives by not just spending our life but by living it, by not just repenting on tough times but by getting through it.
If failure would be a stop and only negative trait of our lives, then after failure of ample of publications and being penniless,  efforts by J.K. Rowling won’t contribute in making her world’s billionaire female writer ever for her Harry Porter series, if failure would be a stop for our Missile Man Late APJ Abdul Kalam, then today he won’t be cherished as a scientific immortal being on this planet, Oprah Winfrey rising from poverty and becoming the North America’s first black billionaire , Einstein declared retarded and  a born failure by his father, Michael Jordan rejected from High School Basketball Team, became first athlete to become a billionaire. Examples are not limited to just these only, but their struggles and success is the truth that, if things are getting tough in our way, that means we are on right track and miracles just don’t happen in one day only.
“Every morning we have two choices, either continue to sleep with our dreams,
Or wake up and chase them with vision’s breeze.”
Life’s mantra is just simple, if one will fight for our destiny, our destiny in turn will fight for us. So, by grabbing and following one’s dreams is the way to success, rather than just dreaming a dream as a dream. Life is exactly like those heartbeats following those ups and downs on the medical screen, according to which a person is alive and with plain heart beat declares the person as dead. So this is how our life exactly works. Those ups and downs are our challenges which one need to live the life and that plain line is the life overloaded with comforts and easy being which actually takes out life inside us and make us dead.
No matter how many failures one face in life, the ability to get up again and run faster is what makes us the actual winner. Success does take time and effort.
“Our essence is not finished when we are defeated,
But finished while quitting.”