ESRM presents ‘Khusiyon Ka Naya Saal’

ESRM artists presenting Vijay Malla’s new nukkad ‘Khushiyon Ka Naya Saal’.
ESRM artists presenting Vijay Malla’s new nukkad ‘Khushiyon Ka Naya Saal’.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 1: Ek Sath Rang Mandal (ESRM) today presented Vijay Malla’s new nukkad “Khushiyon Ka Naya Saal” under its Monday Theatre Series at Pacca Talab, JDA Park, Rehari Chungi.
As the play opens, some little children namely Rolu, Suman, Golu, Pappu, Pinky and Bablu are very much eager to know the importance of 1st day of the New Year. They request their grandfather to explain and define the importance of 1st day of the New Year
The grandfather agrees to tell them what they want to know. He explains them the real importance and meaning of New Year day. He says, “New Year is celebrated throughout the world with great excitement and cheerfulness. People from different walks of life exchange gifts, greetings and blessings among each other”.
“People promise themselves that they will do better works than previous one. They decide to adopt good habits and moral behaviour in the coming year”, the grandfather says and adds, “Before deciding good things for the coming year you must be honest and sincere to yourself”.
He says No doubt everybody is happy and satisfied on first day of the New Year but you must chalkout your programmes and fix goals from the first very day of the year.”You must fix your target with positive attitude and that is the celebrations of New Year”, he further adds. Finally, the grandfather gives them blessings for being happy and progressive in their studies.
Actors who performed in the nukkad were Daksh, Khushi, Tejsav Rampal, Raju Mad, Munish Kerni, Golu, Vicky Kumar Kalotra and Vijay Malla. The play was written by Vijay Malla and directed by Anuroop Pathania.