Equal development

This is in reference to news item dated 10th March- “Manmohan Singh for equal dev. of all 3 regions of J&K”.
A person becomes honourable mostly by virtue of his position but then he has to maintain his same reputation by his deeds and words he speaks. Dr Manmohan Singh first time was known to Indian public (at little level though) when he became Governor of Reserve Bank of India and people like me knew him from his signature on currency notes. Then his reputation rose when he became Finance Minister in PV Narasimha Rao Ministry in 1991 and is known for opening Indian economy. It was further raised when he was made PM of India in 2004. But then after 2010 his reputation had downward trend with cases of corruption by various politicians and officers working in Central Ministries. Rahul Gandhi’s tearing of ordinance was the limit of his insult ( as felt by common public of India) but he did not react. For a hard core politician it would have been OK but not for a person of his status.
Now his statement at the launch of Dr Karan Singh’s book on 9th March- “Equal development of all 3 regions of J&K is must for lasting solution of Kashmir problem”- is not digestible & is laughable. Some major projects for Ladakh region (Zanskar tunnel, Transmission line between Leh and Srinagar and probably Solar Power plants) sanctioned by NDA-1, did not see the light of day during 10 years of UPA rule at the Centre. Same in the case with Jammu.
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Surinder Kumar Gupta
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