Empower youth with skill development

In a country of 125 crore people the ratio of youth is about 60 per cent in the age group below 35 years. This is no small a figure and one can also imagine the potential of this population and this country. However, the potential needs to be harnessed and exploited. It cannot become real potential if it is not harnessed properly. This was the crux of the address of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley made at the giving away of National Award 2017 on the occasion of on the occasion of 3rd Foundation Day of the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE).
Employment of youth in productive work is the foremost important task pending before the Government. It is true that States are making small or big effort to tackle this problem but as the Finance Minister said that despite the fact we have the Government, the public sector and private sectors and huge industrial sector that provide employment yet the truth is that they cannot employ all the youth who are standing in a queue for employment. The Government cannot provide employment to one and all but the Government, in its capacity as premier consultative and advisory agency has to suggest means and ways of overcoming the scourge of unemployment. This is the reason why successive Governments at the centre have always laid great stress on skill development and entrepreneurship as the key to generating employment.
All students may not be able to qualify for entrance to engineering colleges in the country in different trades. However, those who cannot find admission are not to be left out and left uncared for. The Government  needs to open technical institutes all over the country where training in a large number of skills is imparted to students both male and female so that they do not depend on Government employment. Self employment is really meaningful when a candidate is equipped with some skill or when a person has entrepreneurship merit which he can put to right use. Even for entrepreneurship, the Government has opened large number of institutes where training is imparted. Government provides scholarships, hostel accommodation and many other facilities to the prospective students.  We need to inculcate the sense of self employment and self dependence among our youth and make them understand that the Government has limits and cannot go beyond these.
It has to be noted that Central Government has instituted a new Ministry called the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and almost one crore youth in the country are receiving training in various institutes under the ministry. This is a strong movement and we hope that a day will come when at least half of our youth below the age of 35 will be equipped with one or the other skill or will have developed expertise in entrepreneurship. The object of the scheme, as described by the Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship at the occasion is to develop entrepreneurship of the level that the trainees will have the capability of roping in others to be part of the entrepreneurship or in other words to provide employment to others through their skills and potential. We feel that this is a very useful and practical method of providing employment to the youth of the country.