Effective opposition

In a democratic set up the role of opposition is of utmost importance. In the present situation, our democracy needs a strong opposition to achieve the objective of a democracy.
The opposition works as a watchdog. It keeps the necessary check on the working of the Government. Good opposition always keeps the problems at the forefront in Parliament and through the electronic and print media. In the absence of an opposition, the ruling party is bound to do things at its will and as per its vote bank politics. Democratic Government functions properly and flourishes only if there is honest, dedicated and constructive opposition party. Constructive opposition party is a must for the smooth running of the Government. It is always in search of loopholes and misdeeds of the Government.
There is no doubt about it that upto the era of Indra Gandhi there was constructive opposition in the Parliament, though it was not too strong. Unfortunately since the emergence of the constitution era, the role of the opposition has become too weak and doubtful. Regional parties have made the situation more worse by playing regional politics. Political parties when in opposition prove to be very selfish. They always try to play negative politics to keep themselves in the media lime light. For the last few years we have been observing frequent disruptions and stalling of the Parliament sessions for days together by the opposition parties, thereby making a loss of millions of   State exchequer annually. Using unparliamentary language in the country’s highest democratic institution has become a regular feature of our members.
Let good sense prevail upon the politicians and their political parties to show  real  representative character in Parliament in the best interest of the nation.
Yours etc….
Autar Krishan  Razdan
Lale Da Bagh, Jammu