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Economy AC trains

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has many innovative ideas of how meaningful change and improvement can be brought about in our railways. India has the world’s largest network. But its modernization is of a great urgency because of fast economic development pace that our country has secured.  Improvement in rail service should be compatible with the increase in life style. That is natural equation. We know he has been speaking about this or that innovation and experimenting is also going on at the same time.
What has made him propose Economy AC train? Essentially the purpose is to reach such sections of society as are willing to go a step up in the social ladder but within their means. There is a big gap between the third AC in an AC coach and Economy AC train which is going to be introduced. Three bogies of Economy AC train will be added to an AC train. The temperature of these bogies will be between 24 and 25 degrees which is normal. It means that in this temperature, the passengers will not need blankets. That reduces the burden on the cost of ticket for these classes. Maybe the cost of ticket in these three bogies of Economy AC would be slighter than the normal III AC class. We think that the time is coming when the non-AC class or what is called general class will be done away with and all trains will become air conditioned. The experiment with Economy AC has begun, and, as per reports coming in these are becoming popular. Let us therefore hope that good innovative ideas of the Railways Minister will bring comfort to millions of people travelling in railways. The Economy AC trains will be called Humsafar trains.


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