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Dr Sushil examines elderly people at Ambphalla Home

Dr Sushil examines elderly people at Ambphalla Home

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 1: Holding the message enshrined in the maxim “To care for those who once cared for us as one of the highest Service” true, HoD Cardiology Dr. Sushil Sharma today reached out to the inmates of old age Home Ambphalla on the occasion of New Year Day in order to examine them for the possibility of any Cardiovascular Diseases and other health ailments.
He stated that the older persons are not a homogenous group, and the challenges they face in the protection or enjoyment of their human rights vary greatly. While some continue to lead active lives as part of their community, many others face homelessness, lack of adequate care or isolation, he added.
Dr. Sushil while interacting with the inmates referred to high blood pressure being more common with advancing age, and so are its associated complications, of stroke, kidney disease, heart attack and heart failure. He said that elderly people should have blood pressure measured periodically, and high levels (generally defined as 150/90 mm Hg and above) should be treated.
He added that more recently, convincing evidence has been gathered that hypertension in the elderly is not benign. Even in old age, lowering elevated blood pressure can save lives. Control of hypertension may not be achieved as readily as in younger patients, but even so, partial treatment can lower the rate of potentially serious complications, said Dr. Sushil. He maintained that natural physiologic changes in old age will somewhat lessen efficiency of the heart.
He appealed to the state authorities to give priority to the inmates of the old age home by providing them financial assistance and provision for exclusive medical care and adequate staff. Moreover, the general public especially the younger generation should be sensitised regarding the issues of inmates living in old age home and must inculcate the habit of making regular visits to these places to help them out from their daily problems, he added.
Others, who were part of this humane effort included, Dr. Arvind Kohli (Vascular Surgeon) and Dr Chakshu Mahajan Paramedics and Volunteers, who were part of the team included Kashmiri Lal, Kamal Kishore, Harvinder Singh, Raj Kumar, Lokesh Manni, Ashish Soni, Gourav Sharma,Vikas Sabharwal, Ankush Kohli,  Nitan Sharma, Rohit Khajuria and Vikas Kumar.


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