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Dolly Parton is naturally perfect: Alison Krauss

LONDON, Feb 26:  Singer Alison Krauss has said Dolly Parton was “so naturally perfect” when she collaborated with the “9 To 5” hitmaker.
The “Windy City” singer gushed about collaborating with Parton but said it can be a bit of a “Pandora’s box” trying to match her flawless harmonies, reported Contactmusic.
“I adore the process of it, it’s like trying to get inside someone else’s head. Like Dolly Parton, who sounds like it’s just the easiest thing in the world for her to sing something and it’s so naturally perfect,” Krauss said.
“And then when you go and try and sing harmony with her, it’s like a Pandora’s box, nobody else does it like that. And you think, how in the world can I match it? And then the times you sing with somebody else and the more times you don’t match them, the more romantic it gets.” (PTI)


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