Dogra Sadar Sabha provides common platform to all pro-Jammu forces

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 11: A joint meeting of the heads of all prominent, social, religious bodies and political parties of Jammu was convened under the aegis of Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) and the All Jammu Civil Society Forum (AJCSF) at the Dogra Bhawan, Jammu.
The meeting was largely attended and various important issues related to problems, development, progress, dignity and the glory of the Jammu region and the Dogra ethos of mutual love and co-existence were discussed.
The meeting was convened and addressed by the President of DSS cum Convener of the AJCSF Th Gulchain Singh Charak. After detailed deliberations and exchange of views by various prominent citizens and heads of organizations, a joint resolution was adopted sounding bugle to unite.
Describing Maharaja Hari Singh was a revered monarch and a symbol of fairness, justice and progress, across the State, the resolution said that Jammu would not tolerate any disrespect to the Maharaja by the opportunists and anti-national elements who were opposing the Dogra ruler.
The resolution also drew attention towards negative response of the State Government towards creating Jammu Kashmir Minorities Commission on the plea filed by Jammu-based advocate Ankur Sharma, and influx of foreign nationals from Bangladesh and from Myanmar. Further, the resolution said that the prestigious and historical Mubarak Mandi complex was not being preserved despite efforts and release of Central fund while all assured projects are pending with the city facing acute shortage of power, water, road space due to absence of parking slots and incomplete fly overs.
The resolution was moved by Col V K Sahi, and was unanimously passed by the participants raising their hands in support of the same.
Prominent among others, who spoke on the occasion, included MLC Ajatshatru Singh , Maj Gen G S Jamwal, Judge Pavitter Singh, Abdul Majid, Prof Lalit Mangotra, Rakesh Sharma, B S Slathia, Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, Prof Zahur Ahmed, Surinder Singh- (Gilli), I.D Khajuria, Yash Pal Gupta, J S Mangal, Sohail Kazmi, G A Khawaja, Zorawar Singh, Neeraj Anand, Annil Suri, P S Gupta, S Peter & Amanat Ali Shah.