Discretionary powers of MLAs

MLAs are the true representatives of the people who elect them in order to represent them in the assemblies where the laws are framed and the destiny of  people is written. They are the agents who bring about desirable changes, ensure equitable, un biased and sustainable development of their constituencies and act as the mouth pieces of people’s grievances. Development and amenities of the people of  their constituencies is the only concern of every wise and visionary MLA. For the development of their constituencies each MLA is provided with sufficient funds under CDF program by their governments for the judicious use in the developmental programs of their people without any ill will and political considerations. The development of the big cities and that of the big towns depends upon the master plans, micro and macro level planning and on the felt and the basic needs of the people. The people living in cities and the towns have less individual problems than their counterparts in the villages and the rural areas. The development of these areas depends upon the good will, favors and frowns of their MLAs because they behave not less than the monarchs of any principality. The MLAs use their discretionary powers as the tool to avenge the people of a particular area for not voting in their favor during the elections. It is a mystery whether the so called discretionary powers, which the MLAs use as a tool to punish the gullible people, are constitutional obligation, custom or a convention. It is seen that not even a fly can buzz in the constituency without the permission of the MLAs. In order to please the blue eyed, sycophants and the members of the coterie the facilities of bridal roads, footpaths, tractor and motorable roads, schools, dispensaries water pumps and electric power are provided to them, even if there is limited number of households,  neglecting a big habitat located in the same area. Even the small towns and the big habitats are not spared by such arrogant MLAs who try to teach the people a lesson and punish them for defying the royal orders and showing difference of opinion. In such cases the developmental process is either slowed down or completely halted. Many developmental works are either forfeited or they are constructed at a place which is not suitable in any way for the people for whom these are meant for.. These discretionary powers are totally un democratic and a tool in the hands of high headed, arrogant and obstinate MLAs who use them as a tool only to penalize the people who go or dare to go against the will and wishes of the almighty representatives.
Yours etc….
Shiv Kumar Padha