Dheeraj elected president of Pargal Biradari

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 3: Dheeraj Pargal has been elected as new president of All India Shiromani Pargal Biradari during the elections held unanimously in the presence of Biradari members.
Darshan Pargal was elected as Chairman while Naresh Pargal and Kuldeep Pargal were elected as senior vice presidents. Sanjeev Pargal and Raj Kumar Pargal were elected as secretaries and Surinder Pargal as spokesperson. Kunal Pargal was elected as treasurer.
Ravinder Pargal was elected as Incharge Baba Kaliveer Ji Temple and Pamma Pargal and Vicky Pargal were elected as Incharge Datti temple.
Earlier, Vijay Kumar Pargal voluntarily relinquished the post of president All India Shiromani Pargal Biradari after serving as president for 21 years. During his tenure, Vijay Kumar Pargal initiated series of reforms and expanded activities of the biradari overcoming a host of difficulties.
Vijay Pargal said he was now relinquishing the office as it was time for next generation to take over and expand activities of the biradari.
After his election, Dheeraj Pargal said he would try to come up to expectations of the Biradari members for expressing their faith in him.